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 Bride Beach Birds Sunset  Grandmother teaching Granddaughter  Burns Bride
  Family  Indian Wedding  Bride and Groom Big Sunset  Romance by the Sea
White Bird Dream Straberry GrouperFireIceDeep Water Jacks
 Beautiful Bride Mirror  Ballet Teacher with Student.  Dance Studio
 National Geographic     Blue Ocean Graphic made by Robert Gladden
Former Underwater Photographer National Geographic and BLUE OCEAN.
Robert Gladden created this graphic for
My Wife and I

This is my beautiful wife and I on the way to photograph a wedding. She is a wounderfull mother to our children. When we got married she could not swim. She learned and has made a deep dive to 200 feet. There is a picturea of her underwater published in one of 27 Jacques Cousteau books that I have done. I am very proud of her and love her with all of my heart... When you choose to spend the day with someone you love then expect a magical adventure together filed with many beautiful things to see, to enjoy and to delight your heart and your senses. Your camera will help you to slow down just enough for you to have the time you need for your heart to catch up to your mind so you can enjoy the special moments of life.
Out of the Blue
Out of the Blue
     Formal Bride at Burns Stake House
Formal Beautiful Bride at Burns Steak House
Bride on Beach at Sunset.
Beautiful Bride on a Sunset Sea Shore

Love is Beautiful,,, Always and Forever
       Florida Gulf Beach
Romance by the Sea
Swans 2
Swans in Love and Happy
 Bird Wings full open
Seabirds Skimmers
Two Equals One
Anna Maria Beach
 Sunset Beach in Anna Maria Island
Anna Maria Beach
Top five photographs are made in front of the SandBar Resturant on Anna Maria Island. First Island South of the SkyWay Bridge.
Beautiful Bride Mirror
A Beautiful Bridal Dream Portrait
Grand Mother 
Grand Mother 
Soft Focus Bridal Photographed at Kapok
Beautiful Bride
A Beautiful Bridal Portrait
Sacred Heart Church
Husband and wife on the river.     Formal Bride     Bride and Groom river and tree
Bride and fountain    Garden Wedding.

 Love in the heart FIRST is the key to seeing and knowing all that is Beautiful.
Sometimes when you complain about the rain coming down you fail to lift your eyes up to see the rainbow in the sky or just turn around to see a golden sunset that changes every moment.

Lady in the Garden              Baby Girl
Ballet Teacher with Student.              Dance Studio
Jeter Dance Studio          Frank Ray Dance Studio
 Johns Pass Sunrise Moonset
North Side of Johns Pass, Madeira Beach, FL
Johns Pass Village
Johns Pass Village
Johns Pass Panorama
Johns Pass Village
East end of John's Pass

East End of Johns Pass Village

Johns Pass Village Boardwalk in St. Petersburg, Florida.
 This photograph is one of our new Super High HD panoramas we are doing. Some of them are up at some of the airports and are 9 feet tall and 100 feet long.
You can zoom in to the light house and read the signs on the boardwalk and the name on Hubbard's fishing boat on the full size file. This photograph will print out photographs up to 6 feet and Giclees to 100 feet.

Gulf Coast Beach Panorama
Johns Pass Pano up at Sarasota

Florida Gulf Beach Panorama 90 feet long and 10 feet high displayed up at the Sarasota International Airport. This is myself, Robert Gladden.

Longboat Key Club
Longboat Key Club Panorama in Sarasota, Florida 
Sarasota New Bridge.
Sarasota Panorama of the New Bridge and Skyline
Selby Gardens Panorama

Selby Botanical Gardens, Sarasota Florida.
 360 degree view, You are looking up and down the same path. It is up at the Sarasota International Airport. It is seven feet tall. Winner "Best of Show".

Alligator Art
Hog Snapper
AAward Winning "Best of Show" at
Marie Selby Biotical Gardens
Sea Shells
Sand on a Florida Gulf Coast Beach
Sand a small shells
Sand on a Florida Gulf Coast Beach
Macro view of Beach Sand
Sand on a Gulf Coast Beach, Close Up Macro
macro of Florida Gulf Coast Beach Sand.
Sand on a Gulf Coast Beach Macro
Super Macro beach sand
Sand on a Gulf Coast Beach Super Closer
Super Macro shell aond beach sand
Sand on our Venice Gulf Coast Beach Super Macro
Sand on the beach

The top 7 photographs are macro views of Beach Sand along our Florida Gulf Beaches. Our Beach sand is mostly made of crystal clear quartz crystals. We have the most Beautiful crystal clear sand in the world. This is why our beaches are so extra Beautiful. 

Strawberry Grouper. It is very Rare.
Marble Grouper
Marble Grouper
Lion Fish
Lion Fish
Goliath Grouper
Goliath Grouper 500 lb and 200 feet Underwater Charging Me
In Love
It is nice to be LOVED
Deep Blue Jacks
Deep Blue Jacks Swimming 200 feet Underwater Close to the Gulf Streem Cliff that drops off to 5000 feet
Blue Heron
JoAnn Beach
My Beautiful Wife off Florida East Coast
My Wife Lost Fisherman Bride and Dad.
 My Wife, JoAnn         Memorial         Father of the Bride
dolphin and baby
Mother Dolphin with her Baby. 
 Marble Grouper
Tiger Grouper
Swimming Cheetah
Swimming Tiger
Squirrel fish
      WeddingMacro Wedding Ring
Macro of Wedding Engagement Ring
Christ of the Deep
Christ of the Deep in Pennekamp
 in the Florida Keys
Cousteau and Robert
Pierre Cousteau and myself Robert Gladden 
 Little Girl
Precious Little Girl
Faded Photo               Restored Photo
Restored Old Faded Photo, Air Brushing and Adobe Enhancement 
Waves Florida West Coast
Surf Waves West Coast Florida
 First Hair Cut.     Rachael Gladden

My Wife Gives Our Son's First Hair Cut
The Little Girl is Our Beautiful Daughter
We are very proud of them

Father Daughter

Loving Father and Daughter

two children on the seashore
Flower  Abstract 
Puffer fish
This Boat is for Sale
Montessori School
Montessori Academy  - Sonia Johnson
 Deep Sea Jacks
Four Jacks and ?
Full Moon 
Pelican Moon

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The key to joy and delight is still to J
ust Let Go of the mind and give your heart a chance to catch up with your self being. Just lead with you heart and your brain will follow.
Love in the heart FIRST is the key to seeing and knowing all that is Beautiful.

When you except LOVE into you Heart
 you will find you now have true respect and honor and will see the world in a new way and in a new light. You may even see a beautiful picture you missed before bought the joy of LOVE into your heart. You will see no need to chase the day away because you are now having a perfectly beautiful day with someone you love. You may even find you are In Love...                  
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I am Former Underwater Photographer for Jacques Cousteau, National Geographic, BBC, Capitol Records, Longboat Key Club, Marie Selby Botanical Gardens, Montessori Academies, Embassy Suites, Private Schools. Dance Studios and Modeling Agency, Ect.

Currently Photographer for  BLUE OCEAN, USF Marine, Weddings, Families and Special Events.

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Heartfelt Wedding and Family Photographs on the Beach, Home, Church or Garden. We use High Tech Strobes and is a Well known Natural Light Specialist. The Sea Shore is one of our Favorite places to make Beautiful Photographs.

Our Photographs and Giclees are made in Ultra HD Format. We have Panorama photographs up at International Airports that are
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Video can be made with  SONY  Blu-Ray, two camera A/B View, edited in multiple channels with a custom menu.

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